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Siftex Sewing Operations to South Windsor Facility

In our mission to grow our capabilities for innovation and design, we have relocated our sewing operations in-house to our South Windsor facility. With our sewing division under one roof, our design team that creates our fabric custom connectors, SiftSox, is now able to collaborate seamlessly. 

The sewing and production departments in closer proximity allow us to expand our CAD and computer cutting to all SiftSox products. Not only does this enable us to create hybrid parts and develop custom solutions, but it provides greater quality and repeatability when customers come back for replacement parts, ensuring that they can count on getting an accurate copy of the previous order. In addition, as some of our SiftSox products use both fabric and polyurethane components, having materials in one location reduces lead time. 

While our seamstresses are experts at unlimited design, shapes, and construction, enabling them to interact daily with our other production department team members leads to greater sharing of ideas and innovation. Being an asset to our customers means having a comprehensive design and manufacturing team ready to go when they need it. Moving our sewing operations to our South Windsor facility means faster turnaround times, more collaboration, and ultimately better solutions. 

We have always stood by the promise that if you can design it, we can sew it, and now with a more connected team, we are more ready than ever to meet your design needs.