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Discontinued Products


We’re discontinuing some old products, Siftex is here to help you update your workflow and find a new part.


Siftex has depleted stock and will no longer be stocking the following Polyurethane Corrugated Sleeves. As our stock continues to dissipate, we will continue to discontinue stock.

We offer a huge variety of innovative parts to replace your Polyurethane Corrugated Sleeves. Replacement Alternatives include:

  • Clear-Flex SDX Custom Connectors: Custom fabricated connector suited exactly for your application
  • Sift-Sox Fabric Connectors: Wide range of fabrics options to make into rolled tubing and custom fabricated connectors
  • Seamless Rubber Tubing: 2-40” ID with a wide range of rubber materials made in 12, 24 and 48’ rolls and can be cut to length
  • BFM® fittings: 1st and most experienced BFM® fitting Distributor

Book time with a sales representative at the link below and determine what replacement might be best for your processes.

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Discontinued Products


Polyurethane Corrugated Sleeves (4″ID)

Part #1796P

Polyurethane Corrugated Sleeves (6″ID)

Part #1797P

Polyurethane Corrugated Sleeves (8″ID)

Part #1798P
Out of Stock

Polyurethane Corrugated Sleeves (10″ID)

Part #1799P