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Hi-Flex Hoses

When misalignment and movement are the problem, Hi-Flex Hoses are the answer. They can flex, contract, and stretch to withstand constant vibratory and gyratory motion. Hi-Flex hoses are also puncture, abrasion, chemical, and UV/ozone resistant. There is a Hi-Flex hose for every application and every extreme.

Product Details

Whether you’re moving…

  • Pellets, powders, liquids, dust or fumes.
  • Indoor or outdoor.
  • Gravity flow, vacuum or pneumatic conveying.

Discover the versatility of puncture-resistant Hi-Flex hose for…

  • “Load-out” use.
  • Dust collection & in-plant vacuum hose.
  • Sifter & screener flexible connectors.
  • Bulk bag filling head transitions.
  • Material transfer.


Customizable Options
Cuffed Hoses

Hi-Flex hoses are also available with soft cuffed ends for simpler connection to standard spouts and piping. Cuffs are the same material as the hose, but wire- and helix-free and a standard 3.5” (89 mm) in length. They use standard band clamps.