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Supply Chain Concerns: Addressed

The pandemic has disrupted nearly every aspect of the global supply chain—that’s the usually invisible pathway of manufacturing, logistics, and transportation that gets goods from where they are manufactured, mined or grown to where they are going.

This disruption continues to cause headaches for Siftex and our customers both domestic and overseas. Lead times have increased. Shipping rates and delivery times have risen.

Siftex’s Logistics team takes the on-time and cost-effective transport of our products very seriously. We are working hard to provide the service and support our customers expect from us.

Siftex ships over 50,000 packages inbound and outbound annually. We continue to seek out the lowest cost and most expeditious shipping lanes using our network of established carriers like FedEx, UPS, DHL and LTL firms. Our Logistics team is trained to look for the most cost-effective shipment method on each package/pallet that leaves our warehouse. Siftex has tried and true strategies that ensure consistently reasonable freight charges. However, freight rates continue to increase due to factors beyond our control such as a shortage of truck/delivery drivers, Covid 19 customs and border interruptions, and higher fuel costs.

The majority of our products are shipped small parcel delivery via UPSand FedEx. Domestic transport rates are consistent throughout the week. For international shipments, the day of the week has a surprisingly large impact on shipping costs. Quotes generated on a Monday are typically obsolete on Tuesday. This can be explained by the space available on aircraft fluctuating throughout the week. The result is that Siftex customers may receive a quote on Monday only to find it has changed significantly by the time they release the shipment.

Siftex recommends the best solution for most customers is to pursue their own accounts with a carrier of their choosing. This way they can monitor freight charges more closely and begin to gain discounts based on the frequency or volume of their shipments. If an account is not an option, customers can trust and rely on Siftex’s Logistics team to locate and utilize cost effective freight services.

For more information on how Siftex can help your company’s shipping needs, please talk with our Customer Service representatives at 860-289-8779 or 800-2Siftex (743-839). Thank you.