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Teflex NP Black

A pure PTFE connector capable of running at high temperatures, and can be used across the full pH scale. Teflex NP Black also offers excellent surface resistivity – 106.

Product Details
  • Capable of running at high temperatures (Continuously operating at 300ºC / 572ºF with short-term surges at 316ºC / 600ºF)
  • Can be used on products across the full pH scale i.e. caustic and acid products will not effect PTFE
  • Designed to dissipate electrical charge – 106
  • Food Grade – compliant with FDA & EU regulations

Note: Teflex NP Black is not recommended for use in oscillating applications.

Available Sizes:

Diameters: Ø150mm (6″) through to Ø500mm (20″) in 50mm (2″) increments


80mm (3″), 100mm (4″) then in 50mm (2″) increments up to 1,000mm (39½”)