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SlipFlex PTFE Tubing

SlipFlex is 100% PTFE. Available in custom connectors, tubing, flat sheet film SlipFlex is safe for direct food contact. It offers outstanding resistance to harsh chemicals, aggressive cleaning practices and high-temperature use. SlipFlex PTFE fabrics and flexible laminate films give you the choice of breathable or dust-tight media that is right for your application. Also available in black static conductive.

Product Details

SlipFlex Laminate Film

SlipFlex laminate film is built up by a proprietary process laminating thin layers of PTFE film using a cross-pattern. This process produces a material with exceptional tear strength, durability, chemical resistance, and high temperature range from 425°F (218°C) to 600°F (316°C). Offered in white and a black static conductive*, both of which are FDA acceptable.

SlipFlex Laminate Woven

Our laminate woven combines a PTFE woven fabric with a PTFE laminate coating that offers a nearly dust tight permeability, resistant to most processing chemicals, durability and high temperature range.

SlipFlex 7008

Need permeability combined with SlipFlex properties? Our 9 oz light-weight SlipFlex 7008 offers outstanding permeability at 100 CFM/ft2 @ 0.5” wg. This permeable white lightweight fabric is outstanding for applications that need a highly flexible connector in harsh conditions.


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Siftex PTFE flexible connectors are safe for direct food contact and provide outstanding resistance to aggressive cleaning practices. Our selection of PTFE fabrics and flexible laminate films gives you the choice of breathable or dust-tight media.

Customizable Options

Clamp Options

  • Quick Release Clamps
  • Thumb screw Quick Release Clamps
  • T bolt Clamps
  • Over the center latch Clamps


  • .009 inches (.23mm)
  • .015″ (.38mm)
  • .020″ (.50 mm)


  • White
  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Black Static Conductive