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Seeflex 060ES

Pressure-resistant Seeflex 060ES is a clear, ether-based thermoplastic polyurethane alloy with an internal polyester scrim.

The internally bonded scrim restricts the Seeflex sleeve from stretching and provides superior pressure resistance.

Product Details

The BFM® fitting Seeflex 060ES connector is only used for over pressure situations for continuous pressure up to 1.3 bar (tested on a static 200mm diameter x 200mm long connector *)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Seeflex 060ES is designed to resist extremely high pressure and therefore it should not be used where the connector is intended to act as a pressure-release point.

* Engineering adjustments should be made for changes in diameter. For length adjustments or non-static applications, contact BFM® fitting.


Available Sizes:

Diameters: Ø100mm (4″), Ø125mm (5″), Ø150mm (6″) through to Ø1,650mm (65″) in 50mm (2″) increments


80mm (3″), 100mm (4″) then in 50mm (2″) increments up to 1,000mm (3ft 3″)