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Flexi-Light Connector

The Flexi-Light Connector is made from an ether based polyurethane with a lighter 316 stainless steel wire coil than our standard Flexi, making it ideal for applications with lateral and vertical movement. The Seeflex walls are also slightly thinner and the coil is much more flexible making it perfect for weigh-scale type applications, as it provides less resistance than our standard Flexi.

Product Details
  • Very lightweight and flexible, CIP safe
  • Has compression ratio of approx. 3:1
  • Used for weigh-scale applications, bag feeders and for applications with irregular movement


Available Sizes:

Diameters: Ø100mm (4″) to Ø300mm (12″) in 50mm (2″) increment


200mm (8″) up to 4,000mm (13ft 1½”) in 50mm (2″) increments