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Custom Siftsox Connectors

Siftex provides fabric connectors that can be sewn into virtually unlimited shapes, designs, and materials. If you can design it, we can sew it!

Product Details

Siftex Siftsox™ Fabrics are Designed for a Variety of Applications.

LOAD OUT and product transfer sleeves without substantial flex or motion are typically made from stiffer fabrics.

COVERS for machines, tote bins, drums and hoppers are designed to keep foreign material out and/or to prevent product leakage.

SIFTER SLEEVES that flex constantly while in use on vibratory and gyratory equipment require a soft, yet durable fabric to maximize wear.

FILTER BAGS are fabricated to any dimension from either woven or non-woven media. Natural, synthetic, chemically inert and high-temperature materials are available.

CUT-TO-LENGTH FABRIC TUBING in lengths of your choice. Fast, easy, custom-length connectors save time and money. Simply fold over the cut ends and secure with a hose clamp.


Turn your CAD drawing into a custom Siftsox connector.


We have experience serving industries such as food, chemical, medical, aerospace, and many more. Siftex offers unparalleled customer service, advanced manufacturing technology, and a highly-skilled workforce ready to turn your designs into reality.


We have a wide range of fabric options and suppliers to meet your design needs.


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Siftex is a premier provider of fabric connectors in any combination of length, shape, connection, diameters and materials.

Customizable Options

Customizable Options:

  • Belt Loops
  • Flanges with or without Bolt Holes
  • Grommet
  • Ground Wire
  • Drawstring
  • Plain Hems
  • Shock Cords
  • Snapband
  • Support Rings
  • Zipper
  • Velcro
  • and more

Clamp Options:

  • Quick Release Clamps
  • Thumb screw Quick Release Clamps
  • T bolt Clamps
  • Over the center latch Clamps