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Every process has unique challenges, a moment where you either have to change the whole thing or develop a solution that makes it work. At Siftex, our team is expert at developing solutions that make your process work, or make it work better. Every one is unique, like a snowflake. We’re committed to solving problems for our customers, be it harsh conditions, unique specifications or tight spaces.

About Our Team

  • Customer Support Team

    Our customer support experts are skilled in helping translate your design specifications and application conditions to our engineering and design teams.

  • Engineering Team

    Our Engineering Team is capable of design and test/prototype products using the customer’s drawings or we can provide professional drawings to customer.

  • Design Team

    Our design team is available to support the CSS Team by providing drawings, and 360 degrees 3D view of the product construction for the customer’s approval.

  • Sewing and Production

    Our in-house sewing and production teams allow us to produce custom specified designs on location with some of the quickest turnaround times in the business.