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Need Flexible? Think Siftex.


Siftex appreciates the opportunity to help you continue fulfilling your custom flexible connector needs and developing products built for your process, not the other way around.

Our in-house manufacturing and state of the art technologies allow us remain fully stocked with key products to help provide quality solutions for you and your business. Talk to one of our teammates today about how we can help create a solution built to your process and not the other way around.

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RCN Update

Last month, Siftex reported that worldwide market conditions were negatively impacting the supply of rubber raw materials. Many rubber compound ingredients are in short supply thereby causing production delays for molded rubber products, seamless rubber tubing, and rubber-coated fabrics.

At that time, we expected this supply-chain interruption to begin to resolve by early May. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Siftex has just been notified by the supplier of rubber-coated nylon fabric used in many popular Siftsox products that their supply disruption is now expected to continue into August. Until supply is restored, Siftex stocks several alternatives to the white rubber-coated nylon fabric Siftsox.

Siftex understands the challenges you face to keep production running. That’s one key reason Siftex offers the largest selection of flexible connector materials, styles and designs to fit your needs. We are ready to supply you with sample flex connectors using alternative fabrics and materials. Our goal is to minimize any disruption to your operations. Let’s take action now, plan ahead, and work together to keep you better connected.

Please contact Siftex today by booking a meeting with your sales representative or contacting us by phone at 860.289.8779 to review your process conditions and identify which rubber tubing, corrugated sleeve, or rubber-coated fabric alternatives will work best for your application.

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Alternate Products


Discontinued Products


We’re discontinuing some old products, Siftex is here to help you update your workflow and find a new part.


Siftex has depleted stock and will no longer be stocking the following Polyurethane Corrugated Sleeves. As our stock continues to dissipate, we will continue to discontinue stock.

We offer a huge variety of innovative parts to replace your Polyurethane Corrugated Sleeves. Replacement Alternatives include:

  • Clear-Flex SDX Custom Connectors: Custom fabricated connector suited exactly for your application
  • Sift-Sox Fabric Connectors: Wide range of fabrics options to make into rolled tubing and custom fabricated connectors
  • Seamless Rubber Tubing: 2-40” ID with a wide range of rubber materials made in 12, 24 and 48’ rolls and can be cut to length
  • BFM Fittings: 1st and most experienced BFM Distributor

Book time with a sales representative at the link below and determine what replacement might be best for your processes.

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Discontinued Products


BFM Blue Tubing


From today forward, all BFM Seeflex connectors will be made with beautiful new-look BFM®-blue cuffs.


Your BFM Fitting has a new look.

BFM® fittings now have a distinctive blue color, but their functionality remains the same. Flexible snap-fit cuffs are still made of exactly the same material as they always have been, and comply with all regulations and specifications older models did.

Have questions or concerns? View the product sheet or schedule time to talk to an expert.

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