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Siftex is in the October 2022 Issue of Powder & Bulk Solids


Check us out in the October 2022 issue of Powder & Bulk Solids

Siftex X-Spy is featured in the October 2022 Powder & Bulk Solids Editor’s Spotlight. Check out the article on page 22 in the link below.

Read the article.

X-Spy is a new polyurethane and rubber product that’s X-ray and metal detectable, and magnet susceptible. This three-way detection greatly reduces the risk of products made from X-Spy becoming potential plastic and rubber contaminants.


Siftex is in the September 2022 Issue of Powder & Bulk Solids


Check us out in the September 2022 issue of Powder & Bulk Solids

Siftex X-Spy is featured in the September 2022 Powder & Bulk Solids Editor’s Spotlight. Check out the article on page 32 in the link below.

Read the article.

X-Spy is a new polyurethane and rubber product that’s X-ray and metal detectable, and magnet susceptible. This three-way detection greatly reduces the risk of products made from X-Spy becoming potential plastic and rubber contaminants.


Siftex Sewing Operations to South Windsor Facility

In our mission to grow our capabilities for innovation and design, we have relocated our sewing operations in-house to our South Windsor facility. With our sewing division under one roof, our design team that creates our fabric custom connectors, SiftSox, is now able to collaborate seamlessly. 

The sewing and production departments in closer proximity allow us to expand our CAD and computer cutting to all SiftSox products. Not only does this enable us to create hybrid parts and develop custom solutions, but it provides greater quality and repeatability when customers come back for replacement parts, ensuring that they can count on getting an accurate copy of the previous order. In addition, as some of our SiftSox products use both fabric and polyurethane components, having materials in one location reduces lead time. 

While our seamstresses are experts at unlimited design, shapes, and construction, enabling them to interact daily with our other production department team members leads to greater sharing of ideas and innovation. Being an asset to our customers means having a comprehensive design and manufacturing team ready to go when they need it. Moving our sewing operations to our South Windsor facility means faster turnaround times, more collaboration, and ultimately better solutions. 

We have always stood by the promise that if you can design it, we can sew it, and now with a more connected team, we are more ready than ever to meet your design needs. 

Supply Chain Concerns: Addressed

The pandemic has disrupted nearly every aspect of the global supply chain—that’s the usually invisible pathway of manufacturing, logistics, and transportation that gets goods from where they are manufactured, mined or grown to where they are going.

This disruption continues to cause headaches for Siftex and our customers both domestic and overseas. Lead times have increased. Shipping rates and delivery times have risen.

Siftex’s Logistics team takes the on-time and cost-effective transport of our products very seriously. We are working hard to provide the service and support our customers expect from us.

Siftex ships over 50,000 packages inbound and outbound annually. We continue to seek out the lowest cost and most expeditious shipping lanes using our network of established carriers like FedEx, UPS, DHL and LTL firms. Our Logistics team is trained to look for the most cost-effective shipment method on each package/pallet that leaves our warehouse. Siftex has tried and true strategies that ensure consistently reasonable freight charges. However, freight rates continue to increase due to factors beyond our control such as a shortage of truck/delivery drivers, Covid 19 customs and border interruptions, and higher fuel costs.

The majority of our products are shipped small parcel delivery via UPSand FedEx. Domestic transport rates are consistent throughout the week. For international shipments, the day of the week has a surprisingly large impact on shipping costs. Quotes generated on a Monday are typically obsolete on Tuesday. This can be explained by the space available on aircraft fluctuating throughout the week. The result is that Siftex customers may receive a quote on Monday only to find it has changed significantly by the time they release the shipment.

Siftex recommends the best solution for most customers is to pursue their own accounts with a carrier of their choosing. This way they can monitor freight charges more closely and begin to gain discounts based on the frequency or volume of their shipments. If an account is not an option, customers can trust and rely on Siftex’s Logistics team to locate and utilize cost effective freight services.

For more information on how Siftex can help your company’s shipping needs, please talk with our Customer Service representatives at 860-289-8779 or 800-2Siftex (743-839). Thank you.

Fall 2021 Team Newsletter

On August 24th-26th, 2021 the Siftex Equipment Company team attended the International Powder & Bulk Solids Conference & Exhibition (often referred to as The Powder Show) in Rosemont, IL. This Powder Show is the #1 processing event in North America and an exciting opportunity for Siftex Equipment Company to connect with experts in the industry. The team connected with the top OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacture) and End Users. Due to COVID 19, the Siftex Equipment Company team hadn’t been to any exhibitions for fourteen months. Now they were back on the road! As we all adjust to a new normal, events like The Powder Show are finding new ways to survive and thrive.


Although the show had half the attendees and exhibitors, it was great to see who was still attending. It felt more like we were the companies and attendees who made it through COVID 19 and who will be the leading providers to get us through and past covid. Tradeshows are a big investment for the attendees and exhibitors, and we noticed although we may have gotten 1/3 of the leads at this show compared to the previous show, the leads we did get were more impactful than in the past. We spoke with more decision-makers and were able to hold more meetings than we have been in the past

Randy Exantus
Siftex Equipment Company’s Sales, and Information Systems Manager


Marianne Croce, Siftex Equipment Company’s Customer Service Coordinator agreed that the exhibition was smaller than previous years but noticed something different this year as well, “it felt like the people who did come to our booth were interested in our products and not just passing through“.

Exhibitions like The Powder Show offer the Siftex team the opportunity to connect with other booths and find out what problems they are facing. This gives our employees insight into how we can help and connect with these vendors in a mutually beneficial way. Jon Orr, Siftex Equipment Company’s Business Development Executive picked up on a big common factor between booths at the powder show. “I noticed that supply chain disruption plagues everyone and will probably NOT self-resolve until Q-2 2022. “Jon was not the only team member to notice a supply chain issue at The Powder Show. “I have talked to many customers with many different issues. Supply chain problems seem to be the #1 issue. With that being said, if I can recommend Siftex products in place of products that have a long lead I always do, ” said Carleen Cunningham, Siftex Equipment Company’s Customer Service/Inside Sales Manager.



After his experience at The Powder Show, Randy Exantus noted a key product that suffered due to the pandemic, “The biggest pain points have been the delay in getting products and orders in-house from their suppliers, mainly rubber and steel. We’ve seen a global shortage that has hurt all industries across the board”. Marianne Croce talked to Viacore Nutrition and noticed they are trying to get gum rubber. Additionally, when talking to the company Bunting, Marianne noticed they needed assistance with supply chain delays like so many others. Siftex Equipment Company is looking forward to moving forward despite the damages the pandemic has caused to certain users, “This is a show that is very OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) driven. With capital investment projects dropping tremendously during covid, our OEM’s have not been a part of a lot of projects selling their machines, which gives us the ability to have new clients to sell connectors too, “ Jon Orr said. The Powder Show provided the space for Siftex Equipment Company to connect with those who could benefit from new products, streamlines the supply chain, and materials shipped efficiently. “We sell to OEM’s, Resellers, and End Users. We saw a huge drop in OEM’s sales, and we had a plan to make sure we met with all the OEM’s. We wanted to gauge the marketplace and inquire if they predict an uptick in business moving forward, ” Randy Exantus added.

Siftex Equipment Company is coming out with new products that can help resolve the issues manufacturers brought to light during this year’s exhibitions. “I am excited about BFM® fitting alternative systems, as well as Siftex ESD/IDP technologies in substrates from 0. 005 to
0. 080, ” John Orr said when asked what new Siftex products he looks forward to this year. Carleen Cunningham and Marianna Croce are excited to roll out Siftex Equipment Company’s new product XSPY, a proprietary group of polyurethane and rubber compounds used for flexible connecting sleeves, seamless rubber tubing, screen cleaning balls, film/sheet goods, conveyor belting, and more!


This year, since there was a noticeable drop in attendees due to the pandemic, the Siftex team received a unique opportunity to connect even further.


The team always looks forward to connecting with companies at exhibitions. This year, since there was a noticeable drop in attendees due to the pandemic, the Siftex team received a unique opportunity to connect even further. “I enjoyed speaking to our top-tier OEM’s (Rotex, Sweco, AZO) and the conversations went well. This year has allowed us to be able to have long conversations and build more of a discussion. Typically, in the past, the OEM’s booths are packed with attendees walking the show asking them several questions and it’s hard to really sit down and have a detailed discussion, ” said Carleen Cunningham. Marianne Corce added, “the show having fewer attendees than it has in the past gave us more time to discuss with our decision-makers on growing the business between our two companies“. The Siftex team was able to connect with great companies such as AZO, BFM® fitting, MPE-IL, Sweco, Rotex, and many more.

We are all thrilled that The Powder Show was successful this year. At Siftex Equipment Company, we prioritize connecting with others in our field and building a strong community. As a company, we encourage our team to reflect and implement new practices learned at these exhibitions “as a company, we are known throughout the different industries. We survived the pandemic with new products to offer. The people that attended the show were people we really wanted to see and talk to, ” Carleen Cunningham commented. The Siftex team has learned that our products play a pivotal role in helping our OEM’s and End Users bulk process their products. Availability is the most important part. Made to order has hurt our industry especially during a time like covid that has made raw materials tough to bring in-house. Randy Exantus drives this point home, “Companies that are making it through covid are the ones that prep/an and forecast their future to make sure they are prepared for anything“.

¡Nosotros Hablamos Español!


Hablamos diferentes idiomas en Siftex

¡En Siftex hablamos tu idioma! Contamos con nuestros expertos en productos para que su proceso de ventas sea lo más fácil posible. Ya sea que esté buscando una solución lista para usar o una de nuestras soluciones personalizadas, nuestro equipo de expertos está aquí para responder sus preguntas en inglés, español o en una variedad de otros idiomas.

Producto listo para usar

Si está buscando una solución lista para usar que ha visto en nuestra página web o en nuestro panfleto de productos. ¡Nuestro equipo de expertos bilingües estarán encantados de ayudarle! Simplemente pregunte por uno de nuestros expertos de habla hispana y con gusto atenderán sus requisitos. ¡Llámanos al 1-800-274-3839 y con gusto te atenderemos!


Siftex es el líder de la industria en piezas de conectores personalizados y hechos para adaptarse a su proceso y no al revés. Nuestro equipo conoce las aplicaciones y especificaciones de cada uno de nuestros diversos materiales y nos encantaría trabajar con usted para encontrar la solución adecuada a cualquier problema que esté enfrentando, en cualquier idioma.

Para comenzar, llene el formulario de presupuesto personalizado en nuestra página web y tome nota de los requisitos de idioma en el primer paso en “¿Sabe exactamente lo que está buscando”?

Contacta a Siftex

¡Es fácil ponerse en contacto con uno de nuestros expertos en productos! Puede contactarnos en línea o llamar al 1-800-274-3839. ¡Permítanos ayudarlo a satisfacer sus necesidades de conectores personalizados! ¡Le mostraremos por qué somos el líder en la industria de conectores personalizados por más de 30 años!


Need Flexible? Think Siftex.


Siftex appreciates the opportunity to help you continue fulfilling your custom flexible connector needs and developing products built for your process, not the other way around.

Our in-house manufacturing and state of the art technologies allow us remain fully stocked with key products to help provide quality solutions for you and your business. Talk to one of our teammates today about how we can help create a solution built to your process and not the other way around.

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RCN Update

Last month, Siftex reported that worldwide market conditions were negatively impacting the supply of rubber raw materials. Many rubber compound ingredients are in short supply thereby causing production delays for molded rubber products, seamless rubber tubing, and rubber-coated fabrics.

At that time, we expected this supply-chain interruption to begin to resolve by early May. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Siftex has just been notified by the supplier of rubber-coated nylon fabric used in many popular Siftsox products that their supply disruption is now expected to continue into August. Until supply is restored, Siftex stocks several alternatives to the white rubber-coated nylon fabric Siftsox.

Siftex understands the challenges you face to keep production running. That’s one key reason Siftex offers the largest selection of flexible connector materials, styles and designs to fit your needs. We are ready to supply you with sample flex connectors using alternative fabrics and materials. Our goal is to minimize any disruption to your operations. Let’s take action now, plan ahead, and work together to keep you better connected.

Please contact Siftex today by booking a meeting with your sales representative or contacting us by phone at 860.289.8779 to review your process conditions and identify which rubber tubing, corrugated sleeve, or rubber-coated fabric alternatives will work best for your application.

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Alternate Products


Discontinued Products


We’re discontinuing some old products, Siftex is here to help you update your workflow and find a new part.


Siftex has depleted stock and will no longer be stocking the following Polyurethane Corrugated Sleeves. As our stock continues to dissipate, we will continue to discontinue stock.

We offer a huge variety of innovative parts to replace your Polyurethane Corrugated Sleeves. Replacement Alternatives include:

  • Clear-Flex SDX Custom Connectors: Custom fabricated connector suited exactly for your application
  • Sift-Sox Fabric Connectors: Wide range of fabrics options to make into rolled tubing and custom fabricated connectors
  • Seamless Rubber Tubing: 2-40” ID with a wide range of rubber materials made in 12, 24 and 48’ rolls and can be cut to length
  • BFM® fittings: 1st and most experienced BFM® fitting Distributor

Book time with a sales representative at the link below and determine what replacement might be best for your processes.

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Discontinued Products